What We Do

Go LIVE Broadcasts live events to BIG audiences. Bringing television, web and online viewers together with sports teams, event organizers, city celebrations and noteworthy events. Go LIVE is blurring the lines between low quality unwatchable webcasts with that of a big budget, major production. Partnering local television stations with the latest social media apps Go LIVE strives to produce live event broadcasts that millions of viewers will want to watch.

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LIVE to Cable Television

Go LIVE Broadcasts partners with local and international cable TV stations and broadcasters to air noteworthy events and full seasons of sports teams to large audiences.

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Pay Per View / Subscription Plans

Monetize event broadcasts with pay per view and subscription plans. Earn additional revenue by airing pre-produced ads and easy PPV billing. Also including by the view or by the minute rates.

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Social Media Apps

Go LIVE Broadcasts airs scheduled HD content LIVE on social media apps like Facebook & Twitter. They can be easily shared and monetized plus recorded as a VOD to be played later / archived.

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On Location Broadcast Truck

On location events are produced at the event from a production truck featyring a big screen LCD mounted on the exterior  with a weather proof stereo system. Great for watching the event live.

Special Events

National holidays are ideal for LIVE braodcasts. They bring thousands to city squares and gathering places for parades, fireworks celebrations, cultural events and festivals.  Go LIVE Broadcasts provides LIVE HD video coverage for those that can't attend on a free view or pay per view / sponsorship model.

Sports Teams

Go LIVE Broadcasts full seasons of sports for many types of teams / clubs in HD. Providing the organization with multi camera, professional, HD recordings of games with play by play commentary, slow motion replay and high end graphics. Used for archive, in house  jumbotron / monitor feeds and LIVE broadcast.

Teams and organizations generate additional revenue broadcasting with Go LIVE from:

  • PPV sales and subscriptions
  • Broadcast television deals and licensing
  • High increase in traffic over social media

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